Grant Whitaker Murder

Deaf Man Killed By Friend During Camping

Grant Whitaker killed by Maverick Fisher after an argument during camping. Fisher disposed the body before going on a run to Mexico. He was later caught and brought back to USA for justice. Whitaker died from blunt trauma to the head.

Helen Keller once flew an airplane!

It was 75 years ago, during June of 1946 that deaf-blind disability rights advocate Helen Keller flew a plane. The story is …

OnlyFans: The Impact on Deaf Sex Workers

Many Deaf sex workers use OnlyFans as an outlet to earn money, and for some, it is their only source of income. …

Is Convo Relay Still Deaf-Owned?

Amelia S. Dall posted a tweet starting up a discussion about Convo Relay’s current ownership status. One of the reasons some people …

Israeli Forces Shot A Deaf Palestinian At Checkpoint!

The armed shooter wasn’t aware of victim’s deafness until after he was shot when he didn’t follow verbal orders by forces. The 60 years old victim was shot in his legs and survived.

Alabama Institute For Deaf and Blind Breaks Barriers For Students And Adult Workers

“AIDB is a world of possibilities, empowering more than 26,000 Alabamians each year through its four campuses in Talladega: Alabama School for the Blind, Alabama School for the Deaf, the Helen Keller School for students who are multidisabled and the E.H. Gentry Facility (EHG) for adult vocational rehabilitation.”

The Kansas Deaf Community Seeking For Better Access During Pandemic

The deaf community in Kansas and nationwide are not getting adequate access to resources concerning the pandemic including proper closed captioning during live broadcasts and available interpreters. NAD filed suit against White House to enforce ASL interpreters whenever he speaks live.

Deaf Woman Dies From Carbon Monoxide

Her death was due carbon monoxide from her running vehicle in the garage. The victim must thought the engine was off when she departed and went inside her home. Despite her death, her cats survived the ordeal.

Deaf Black Man Shot And Killed In Florida

Police said the victim, identified as Toriano Judge, 37, was found shot outside his home, just a few houses down from where he was shot and killed.

Deaf Man Dies In Maryland House Fire

A Hyattsville man who is deaf died after his home caught fire early Sunday morning, his brother and nephew say. Firefighters responded to the fire around 5:28 a.m. in the 5900 block of Riggs Road. They say the fire started in the home’s basement before spreading to its first and second floors.